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Our Services

Restoration, cleaning and repair of crystal chandeliers, table lamps and light fixtures

Lampin' Lady offers many different services for your lighting, cleaning and restoration needs. We can work with numerous types and styles of lights, lamps, chandeliers and more. We pride ourselves on our professional demeanor and excellent customer service.


  • Vintage

  • Modern

  • Crystal


  • Table

  • Crystal

  • Oil/Kerosene


  • Wall Sconces

  • Luminaries

  • Family Relics & Keepsakes


  • Classical

  • Mid-Century

  • Modern Antiques

Restoration of a piece always depends upon the condition of the item. However, in many cases it's possible to restore the item with good results.

All of our work includes the utmost in attention to detail. Small touch ups are sometimes possible, however, we do not do any refinishing of items.


We provide cleaning and waxing for lighting pieces. Remember - maintenance is the key to a brilliant look!

We clean commercial crystal chandeliers (size limits may apply).

We will always do our best to get the desired results, even on your toughest projects.


Sometimes it is possible to fix or redo a previous "not-so-good" attempt at repairing a project with success.

We will also take apart and rewire projects to repair or restore them as some in the past may have tried to just cover up the problem.